Bedtime Is Story Time

Kshama reciting the story of the witty old woman, who escaped the man-eater by hiding in a pumpkin, to Samarth. We, and scores of generations before us, have grown up listening to these wonderful folk/fairy tales from our mothers and grandmothers.

A visual representation of the above story can be enjoyed here (Chal Re Bhoplya Tunuk Tunuk).

Story time Rebel T3, Canon EF 24-105L

Story time
Rebel T3, Canon EF 24-105L


Symbols of “Suhaag”

“Suhaag” is one of the most important concepts in the life of an Indian woman. It refers, interchangeably, to the sacred bond of marriage or to the woman’s husband himself. The symbols of a married Hindu woman in India are “Sindoor” (Vermilion) on the forehead and “MangalSutra“. My better half sometimes doubles the vermilion with turmeric, this being a common practice in certain parts of India.

"Sindoor" (Vermilion) on the forehead Rebel T3, 50mm, f/2 @ 1/100

“Sindoor” (Vermilion) on the forehead
Rebel T3, 50mm, f/2 @ 1/100

"MangalSutra" Rebel T3, 50mm, f/2 @ 1/200

Rebel T3, 50mm, f/2 @ 1/200

They now rest in peace…

I have high regards for military personnel, especially army. I had penned down a few lines on 15th August, 2010 (Indian Independence Day) to commemorate the sacrifices made by our gallant soldiers. This poem presents the perspective of a bullet fired from a Pakistani rifle.

There was a loud bang and I moved faster than sound,
Piercing through flesh and bones, my target finally found.
Crashing on the blood stained ground was Sepoy Mohd. Karam,
His spine chilling cry calling “Vande Maataram”.

I asked his fleeing life, left with only few breaths to spare,
“You display heroism, such gallantry how do you dare?”
Said the unsung hero with warriors might,
“Duty before death is my motto,
To protect my motherland I fight.”

I was created on the other side of the border,
My only objective was destruction and disorder.
But now that I am deep into his heart,
All my gun powder empty, my hatred torn apart.
With my life now all at ease,
I lay in this great land, resting in peace.