Sunday night Kshama, de repente, took out water colours and brushes and started to paint. Samarth as usual followed suit and joined her in the painting spree. I, on the other, found a good blogpost in making and went Bam Bam Bam…with my camera.

Painting Rebel T3, Canon EF 24-105L

Rebel T3, Canon EF 24-105L

Artwork Rebel T3, Canon EF 24-105L

Rebel T3, Canon EF 24-105L

Let’s Read

Who can deny the benefits of reading. If I were to chose five most essential habits or activities for human existence, reading would definitely be one of them. And helping me in this endeavour is Way Public Library, my library.

Very appositely placed outside the entrance of the library, is this sculpture of a small boy and a girl sitting on a bench and reading a book together. Without fail this sculpture brings a smile on my face every time I see it.

It was a beautiful February morning that day, the sun shining bright and warm on our faces, trying hard to melt the remnants of the winter. I was visiting the library to pickup a book and luckily I had my camera on my person. So I did what I ought be done…click! 🙂

Let's read Rebel T3, Canon EF 24-105L

Let’s read
Rebel T3, Canon EF 24-105L

Cézanne’s The Basket of Apples

“I will astonish Paris with an apple”, boasted Paul Cézanne once. And indeed he did astonish the haute Parisians. As a matter of fact he managed to astonish the whole world! His work laid the foundations of the transition from the 19th-century conception of artistic endeavour to a new and radically different world of art in the 20th century. (Source: Wikipedia) A very comprehensive article on Cézanne by Smithsonian can be read here.

Anyway, returning to our basket. This beautiful masterpiece is currently on display at the Toledo Museum of Art as part of a reciprocal loan between TMA and Art Institute of Chicago. TMA traded one of its van Gogh, Houses at Auvers, with AIC for their Basket of Apples. That reminds me of trading comics with my friends when I was lad in shorts. 🙂

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. So without any further ado lets savour our share of apples from the basket of Cézanne.

The Basket of Apples Rebel T3, Canon EF 24-105L

The Basket of Apples
Rebel T3, Canon EF 24-105L

Cleopatra and Caesar

What struck me (smack in my face) when I saw the painting Cleopatra and Caesar by Jean-Léon Gérôme was the eye-popping, jaw-dropping, drool-inducing beauty of Cleopatra. When I was done ogling at her I realized how prominently she is placed in the composition. Even the mighty Caesar (whom she is actually approaching for protection) is relegated to the darker background while Cleopatra seems to be dazzling in a 1000 watt limelight in the foreground.

The melancholy expression on her face, however, is in stark contrast with the alluring and powerfully enchanting body which she is in possession of. Her imploring gaze, full of entreaty is directed down at the table as if she is embarrassed to look directly at Caesar.

The original commission and the subsequent return by the French courtesan La Païva, the minor historical inaccuracy that arose out of the semantic change of the word “carpet” and other such trivial details about the painting can be gleaned later from the Wikipedia entry here. As of now get ready to be regaled in the sensuous beauty of Cleopatra…let the ogling begin!

Cleopatra and Caesar Rebel T3, Canon 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS

Cleopatra and Caesar
Rebel T3, Canon 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS