My New Bookshelf

My tottering pile of books, from my 2015 library book sale booty, finally found a permanent dwelling. I got the 5-shelves bookcase by Mainstays. Purchasing it and hauling it back home was the easiest part of the whole ordeal. The real fun started when I had to assemble the parts in order to make the unit complete. I opened the instructions manual, read and re-read the whole booklet but did not get the faintest idea as to where I should begin. Then I turned to Youtube for help. And as a faithful friend Youtube helped me by showing a listing of at least ten videos demonstrating how to assemble the shelf. Then after watching the videos for quite some time I thought I was ready to take the task head-on.

You see I am not particularly deft when it comes to screwing things. By “screwing things” I mean literally fixing screws or nuts and bolts, a.k.a assembling furniture. Here I would like to take a minute to vent my exasperation on the ever changing nature of English language and words. In today’s world the seemingly innocuous word “screwing” has taken a nasty meaning denoting messing up big time or another widely used version, a double entendre, for referring to certain things which people do. 🙂 Let’s consider another example, the word “gay”. The early meaning of this cheerful word was “happy and excited”. It was very common and normal for people to use it in their daily communications and say things like “Oh! I am feeling so happy and gay today”. Try saying such a thing today and you will notice that majority of the people will look askance at you and will distance away from you. While some people will leer and try to come as near to you as possible. See that it is the problem with English. 😦

Anyway back to my bookshelf drama. It took me upwards of three hours to get the whole thing assembled. However, all the pain and frustration simply drained away and vanished in an instant, the moment the book shelf stood there, solid and towering over me. And now after I have put all my books on the shelf it gives me immense pleasure to look at it. And one realization which makes the bookshelf so dear to me is that whenever I will go to it, it will always have a nice book to offer. 🙂

The new bookshelf Rebel T3, Canon EF 24-105L

The new bookshelf
Rebel T3, Canon EF 24-105L

Before the bookshelf Rebel T3, Canon EF 24-105L

Before the bookshelf
Rebel T3, Canon EF 24-105L


2 thoughts on “My New Bookshelf

  1. I loooove it! Back home I had 2 big bookshelves about the same size as yours but then i packed my car and moved to Florida and couldnt take them with me 😦 now i just have over 10 large reusable bags of books taking up my closet. I wish!!

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