Parking Lot

Our office parking lot, which always seems to be teeming with cars Monday through Friday, looks deserted and desolate on Friday late evening. Last Friday I got a chance to be in the parking lot at around 9 PM and fortunately I had my camera on my person.

A quick note to the people who are surprised to see the new look of the parking lot. Yes, we got the shades built in over the lot which was essentially nothing but an open lot. This new shades provides protection from sunlight and snow alike.

UPDATE: The panels, which I inadvertently called “shades” above, are actually solar cells which are designed to generate 3 million kilowatt-hours per year of electricity which is equivalent of cutting out 2,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emission! And the only byproduct of these solar panels is the protection that they provide us from the elements. Now that is the goodness of renewable energy for you. So world, why wait? Go solar!

Now time for some photography rants. This photograph has many of my “first time” attempts. For the first time I used the focusing distance indicator on my lens. I used it to set the hyperfocal distance to infinity. Secondly I had taken three photographs of the parking lot and when I opened them in Lightroom I was struck with the idea of creating a panorama. So I summoned Youtube to show me a tutorial on how to create a panorama and voilà! In five minutes I had merged the three exposures into one single panoramic photograph, my first panorama. Lastly I used the Silver Efex Pro 2 for the first time for the black and white conversion. Now enough of my ranting, time to enjoy the photograph. Please click on the photograph for the larger panoramic view.

Parking Lot Rebel T3, Canon EF 24-105L

Parking Lot (click on the photograph above)
Rebel T3, Canon EF 24-105L


2 thoughts on “Parking Lot

    • Thanks bhai. Okay. I was kind of experimenting with the hyperfocal distance. Also I had not intended on making a panorama but had just shot three exposures. When I imported them in LR it struck me that I can merge them into a panorama.

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