Back, After An Hiatus

I am back to blogging after an hiatus, albeit a long one. First it was the weather which kept me off from photography, then the lack of a computer, then office work, etc. It seemed as if the elements were against me to keep me off blogging. But not any longer. And what a day to start re-start blogging, 4th July!

A quick trivia about the image below. I was driving when I saw the bright lit full moon and the song which was playing in the car was “Chaudhavin Ka Chand Ho“, I could not stop myself and had to shoot it. I shot this image on June 13th 2014 and guess what, it was Friday and a full moon day. Luckily there were no wolves lurking around.

First Moon Shot

First Moon Shot
Rebel T3, 300mm, f/13 @ 1/20


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