Dream House

Well, one out of the many!

On the way to Assonora from Tivim, there is this beautiful Portuguese house overlooking a stream. I have passed it several times and every time I think and fantasize what a joy it will be living in this house. On one such trip I was having my camera on my person and was able to take a decent enough photograph of the house from the moving car, which is presented below.

Dream house
Rebel T3, Canon EF 24-105L

The King of Good Times

On account of his jolly nature, warm heart and “Susegaad” attitude in life, a Goenkar (Goan) is was a King of good times. There was once a time when this title could be conferred to literally every Goan. But as Dylan says, times they are a-changin’. And with changing times the people are also changing and this is mostly evident in “touristy” hotspots in Goa. However, if you move from these tourist destinations to the interiors and villages, you may still find the Goenkar of yester years, the King of good times. The below photograph was captured from a moving car.

King of good times
Rebel T3, Canon EF 24-105L

Waterfalls of Valpoi

Waterfalls of Valpoi are truly hidden gems of Goa. As a matter of fact Valpoi itself is a hidden gem of Goa, but more on that later. Not only are the waterfalls here a gem but they are also indeed hidden. You may drive, ride or walk past them on the road and not even realize that in the thicket of trees and bushes surrounding the road is a beautiful waterfall. To discover it you will need local assistance and guide. I had the privilege of visiting three such hidden waterfalls, colloquially called as “zharen” (झरें). Presented below are some of the photographs I took of these. Only the first one was taken using my Canon DSLR, rest others was taken using my trusty, water resistant iPhone SE. The reason was simple, I was not going to watch these falls from the sidelines, but was going to go under them. 🙂

Shooting the Breeze

Take a stroll in any Goan village in the evening and you are bound to be greeted by a sight (which is fast fading now) of the village folk sitting in a group and having a nice talk. The subject of these talks could range from the latest scoop in the village to the efficacy of the corona vaccination. And mind you, each and every participating member is an “expert” and has their own “advice” and “solution” on practically every problem facing humankind. One cannot guarantee the veracity of their talks, but the talks are very interesting to hear, nonetheless. I captured one such “expert” session in the Siolim village.

Shooting the breeze
Rebel T3, Canon EF 24-105L